paparazzi is a low-pressure gpsl for faux and industry-involved characters, from a-list celebrities to their beleaguered assistants. when we say we're a gpsl, we mean it: activity levels may sometimes slow down depending on members' schedules and availability, and that's fine. we're more about being a place where you can develop a character for the long term without the pressure of strict update limits as you have the time for it. as mods, we're dedicated to being around to keep everything up to date and be on hand for anything you need. if there are particular activities you'd like to see, let us know and we'd be happy to help integrate them!

our rules are rp standard: don't be a dick. above all that means keeping ic and ooc separate and being respectful of other members. we don't expect every character to get along - we think it's more interesting when they don't and encourage ic drama! - but we won't tolerate any blurring of those lines.

to apply you'll need a standard ic journal (no underscores, no extra characters) with a backdated ic and ooc post and a directory that has a brief overview of your character - a full bio isn't needed, but include enough information for other writers to get a feel for your character. the directory should also have their credits/job clearly listed and be visible to the public to avoid people applying with the same credits unknowingly.

adds will be rolling every weekday. we will not be responding to inquiries about why a character may have been rejected.

as former mods of faux comms across the board in their strictness about credits, we've learned that there's no such thing as a happy medium and that there is literally no way to please everyone on this server. all we can do is ask that you try to make your credits reasonable and cohesive and, if you're swinging for the fences on the boundaries of what's realistic, at least attempt to back up those choices with your bio.

all dates should be kept the same as they are in real life. absolutely no whitewashing or race-changing will be permitted, with the exception of poc claiming credits originated by white celebrities, which is permitted as long as it makes sense for the credit. use the five year rule as a guideline, and avoid jumping from one extreme of that range to another - a character born in 1990 should not be regularly alternating between roles from actors born in 85 and 95. actors should not claim a real life actor's entire career or all of their celebrated roles, and overloading credits with award-winning roles should be avoided. claiming a musician means you're claiming their entire discography including past and future musical side projects, and directors, producers, writers, models, athletes, and the like should claim their real life counterpart's entire portfolio rather than mix and match.

activty and interaction
after being added, you have three days to show signs of activity on the friends page, whether it be by making your own post and responding to comments or commenting other's posts and interacting. if we don't see any sign of you after three days, you'll be removed.

paparazzi does not have monthly update requirements, but will remove anyone whose friends list is two weeks or more out of date and hasn't shown any public activity in that time. hiatuses will be granted to anyone who might need one, just let us know.